Careers and stakeholders

The EPS degree is designed to train students in advanced methodologies, analytical tools and quantitative and qualitative techniques used in all fields of economics and political science.
EPS graduates will be ready to undertake a wide array of career paths in multinational companies, political institutions, public organizations, and other professions demanding high intellectual skills, robust technical competencies and versatile knowledge. They will also be well prepared to engage in further academic research in top PhD programmes.
Employment statistics (Almalaurea)

According to the AlmaLaurea report 2017:

  • 3 years after the graduation: 94% of EPS graduates work
  • 5 year after the graduation: 100% of EPS graduates work

Job search average time: 4-6 months


The programme interacts with local, national and international stakeholders, such as professional organizations, manufacturing companies and service providers.

What students say

"It’s been more than three years since I’ve chosen EPS. After these years I can say it’s been a wise choice. After my bachelor’s degree I was looking for a master rooted in the economic theory but also with a focus on political analysis. EPS seemed to me the right answer. Beside the academical value, this master involved me in some activities that I’m finding very useful right now at work such as public speaking, the creation of presentations and the writing of papers.

All these qualities are combined with an heterogeneous class with guys from all over the world, which was one of the primary reasons I chose EPS. In sum I’m very happy with my choice and I can see that it has already helped me in building my career."


Stefano Acuto, class 2014
Intern – IBM, Global Technology Service

5 star

"EPS is a perfect fit for those who are interested in the intersection of political reality and economics. If you wish to understand how political choices inflict changes in national economies, why the two spheres are interrelated and determine each other, then EPS is the one of the best choices to continue your academic career.

Whether your dream is to work for governmental organisation or multinational corporation this master will be a strong input for those career paths."


Evgenia Chirkova. class 2014

5 star

"One might think that Unimi is the underdog of economics. Actually, we are. We don’t appear in rankings nor we have fancy advertising on the tube. But underdogs bite stronger than pedigree dogs. We are fresh, innovative and recruiting talented people.

Moreover, we have a real interest in investing in students: your future is our future. I’ve chosen an underdog for my master and they led me to the élite PhDs in economics, despite I had no previous background. In Unimi you will not just be a number and a fee payer. You will be a resource to be crafted by talented professors."


Mario Luca, Class 2014
PhD student – SciencePo University, Paris

5 star

"Thanks to EPS I am now part of the most prestigious University in Azerbaijan. In EPS I acquired not only theoretical but also practical skills which are essential in both for academic and business career seekers.

Besides everything the international atmosphere is one thing that students will not forget ever. I highly recommend everyone to take this chance and join EPS."


Asif Khalafov, class 2012
Research Assistant – Qafqaz University, Baku

5 star

"For me, EPS means Earning Per Share!!! Look at EPS as an opportunity, and do so today even if it means changing your Minds!"


Alireza Khosravi, class 2012
PhD student, University La Sapienza, Rome

5 star

"EPS was a unique master course in the Italian system. Completely taught in English, it was the obvious choice for someone who wanted to have a better competitive edge on his fellows.

EPS in fact, due to its structure, allows you to see how complex, interconnected the world is and it provides you with the tools and adequate mindset that make you flexible and suitable for every profession.

I had also the chance to take part to the double master’s degree program with the Université Catholique de Louvain. There, in an even more international environment, I deepened the relations between Economics, Philosophy and Politics.

All in all, the two master’s years were an incredible academic and personal experience: working hard and systematically, exchanging views and opinions with others are, by now, part of my background.

In a nutshell EPS, thanks to its interdisciplinary approach, opens up your mind, both professionally and personally; it enables you to grasp opportunities you would have not think of before."


Federico Mayr, class 2012
Key account and export manager

5 star

"I have always had a genuine interest in Economics and Politics. Thanks to EPS I developed my skills in different branches of economics and I had the opportunity to enroll in the Joint Master Degree with the Catholic University of Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium). There, through my Master’s Thesis, I studied the impact of a development project (food security) in Burkina Faso in collaboration with the NGO SOS Faim.

EPS was a very enriching experience, I appreciated the different economic approaches taught and their relationship with society. Definitely, EPS was a good choice!"


Matteo Solesin, class 2012
Business Analyst – Accenture, Milan

5 star

"EPS proved the ideal ground for thinking of a career in an international environment, both academically and professionally. With its interdisciplinarity, its strong methodological approaches and its diverse programme – cutting-edge for the Italian educational landscape – it challenges you with tasks that colleagues abroad are trained to face every day.

It would have been hard to step into my further studies without the preparation I gained at EPS."


Sara Raimondi, class 2012
PhD student – University of Westminster

5 star

"I applied for EPS from Bolivia, after having spent 2 years in Ireland and published a book about a trip around Guatemala. I needed a truly international environment and I found it. EPS is a comprehensive journey from Philosophy to Macroeconomics that helped me prove my skills.

The boost of confidence and the knowledge built have been important, and I ended up setting up a digital travel company, based in Ireland, with collaborators from all over Europe.

Was it a good choice? Sì!"

tommaso solesin

Tommaso Solesin, class 2012
VP content – Indigo, Milan

5 star

"During EPS I used some definitions, now I have changed expressions, but I can ensure the meanings are the same!

  • Interdisciplinary Course = Multitasking Approach
  • Workshops, Microeconomics exercises, Comparative politics papers….all at the same time! = Complexity Management and Focus on Priority
  • English as teaching language = English as the language of worldwide corporation (even French one )
  • Teamworks = Marketing Team brainstorming
  • Exchanges with international students and interdisciplinary dialogue = International meeting and Conference call with Chinese or American colleagues
  • Development of Methodological skills = Analyze the turnover of your brands and bet on your sales forecasts and results
  • EPS Alumni = Professional Network Development

Since 3 years I work in the world leader beauty company. I am sure EPS was the right gateway to the job market and the correct training for my professional everyday performance!


Anna Binda, class 2011
Marketing Product Manager – L’Oreal, Turin

5 star

"Choosing EPS was the best choice I have ever made: first of all, it boosted my CV very much, thanks to an invaluable mix of demanding courses, good teaching, tough assignments and international scope.

Studying Economics (with some flavour of Political Science) prepares you for every job, not for the content of the subjects, but rather for the skills and mindset you develop, while pursuing a challenging life goal.

Secondly, it opened up many opportunities that I could not have even imagined before starting: in fact I spent one year in Belgium for the joint master’s degree, I got a scholarship for a second master’s in the UK and I had the chance to work for renowned multinational companies.

Last, but not least, I could meet people from all over the world and create a strong network of friendships and professional relationships.

Therefore I am highly satisfied of my choice and I would recommend this course to every student who wants to study hard in order to enjoy long-term benefits, both from a professional and from a personal perspective!"


Maria Luppi, class 2011
Consultant, PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers Advisory), Milan

5 star

"I think EPS gave me the essential training and education in order to foster my professional career in this company."


Federica Mor, class 2011
Business Analyst – Bolton Group, Milan​​​​​​​

5 star

"If you are enough passionate and crazy to pursue a career in academia, then with EPS you really can’t go wrong.

It will provide you with all the theoretical and methodological toolkits necessary to understand and practice research."


Francesco Visconti, class 2011
PhD student in Comparative and European Studies – University of Siena

5 star

"About EPS they say there is too much theory in it and that you will learn nothing about the real things “you’re gonna need at work”.

This is true. In fact, EPS do better: it teaches you how to use models, to think critically, to “read the numbers”, to abstract concepts and, therefore, how to learn everything.

It’s a course a deeply loved which gave me a lot both as a person and as a worker."


Sara Ricciardi, class 2011
Claims Analyst – AXA Assicurazioni, Milan

5 star

"EPS gave me the opportunity of merging my interest in sustainable development with a strong background in economics: I acquired the precise skills that let me access the international institutions’ working environment."


Deborah Sciocco, class 2011
Policy Analyst – EARSC (European Association of Remote Sensing Companies), Bruxelles

5 star

"I graduated with the EPS Master more than two years ago; however, it seems never ended. I apply my research skills on a daily basis and I benefit every day from the attitude I developed during the Master.

It is great to have been fostered by EPS.”


Giacomo Bonicelli, class 2010
Market Expert – Bank of New York Mellon Corporation, Bruxelles

5 star

"My position requires a high degree of proactivity, together with the capacity to interact with different actors and implement several tasks simultaneously and under tight time constraints.

The interdisciplinary approach of EPS has provided me with the necessary skills to face the everyday challenges and to continue growing."


Cesare Colombo, class 2010
Head of Unit for Internationally-funded Projects – European Public Law Organization, Athens

5 star

"Thanks to EPS I could obtain the necessary academic training in order to enter in a top level European PhD programme in Economics."


Federico Curci, class 2010
PhD student – Universidad Carlos III, Madrid

5 star

"Choosing to study the EPS master was the best choice of my student career. We received a first-class education in both economics and politics, and was a gateway to the job market."


Dario Luciano Merlo, class 2010
Junior Portfolio Manager – Unicredit, London

5 star

"During the EPS Master I laid the foundation of my method, I worked hard and along with others; definitely, the right starting point. I will never forget that time."


Luca Tanadini, class 2010
Client Coverage, Real Estate – MSCI Inc, London

5 star

"The current economic environment, more than specific tasks, needs methodology to play equilibria and bet on results. EPS has an important methodological role by offering analytical tools to face every working environments."


Pietro Zanotto, class 2010
Export coordinator – Comac Srl, Milan

5 star

"My daily tasks are different and many, but in particular I am in charge of supporting economic stakeholders from Lombardy in presenting proposals for European Grants and Tender.

I am deeply convinced that without the background acquired through EPS, find my job or have the job opportunities I had, would have been impossible."


Paolo Bonardi, Chiarman of the EPS Alumni Association, class 2010
Policy Officer – Unioncamere Lombardia, Milan

5 star

"I am an EPS student, currently part of the double degree program at the Université catholique de Louvain (Belgium).

EPS students have indeed the valuable opportunity to spend the first year at the University of Milan, thereby acquiring a strong general knowledge in both economics and political science; afterwards, they can apply for an international experience, such as the double degree program, in order to spend the second year abroad and focus on the area of economics they like the most! As far as I am concerned, I chose to focus on Firms’ strategies at UCL and I deeply rejoice in my choice!

In addition, since Louvain is in the French part of Belgium, for those of you who wish to learn some French, there are many great courses at the Institut des langues vivantes (associated with the UCL), enabling you to end the second year with both a double degree in economics and a proficient knowledge of English as well as a good level of French!

EPS was definitely the best choice I could make for my master studies!"


Silvia Brumana
2nd-year student 2017/18

5 stars

"I recommend EPS not only for its interdisciplinary program as a perfect mixture of economics and politics field, in which all of us convey, but mostly for its international environment, perfectly in line with the most important characteristics that a prestigious master course should nowadays have, and for the many opportunities that it offers. During those two years I have been studying at the University of Oslo as an exchange student under Erasmus Plus Program. This experience, extremely useful, encouraged me to rediscover a different approach to learning and living.

Moreover, I spent three months in Hong Kong doing an internship at The Italian Chamber of Commerce. Thanks to the background acquired in EPS and to the young and dynamic ICC team I was involved in working daily tasks, which facilities and create a bridge between education and work.

In EPS there are plenty of other opportunities like those because EPS care about its own students investing on them and offering great opportunities to each of them. So, dear perspective mates get prepared to work hard, to improve your skills and to join this master course which is worth your efforts, your time and your dedication."


Egla Kruja
Graduating student

5 stars

"If I were to convey in just a word the added value of the double degree between EPS and UCL, I would choose “open-mindedness”.

The great diversity in the students’ educational background; the development of professional skills; the careful warnings against logical and statistical mistakes; the chance of personalising the Belgian Master program within a huge range of specializations; the balanced mix between theoretical, empirical and applied courses; the interdisciplinary approach to the analysis of social issues; the chance of interacting with people from all cultures and from all continents: all of this made it a more than valuable experience. Last, but not least, I met amazing people I won’t forget about."


Leonardo Liberati
Graduating student

5 stars

"After my bachelor graduation I was uncertain about the next step of my academic career, so I asked to my supervisor, who told me: “the best solution for you is EPS”. EPS allowed me to increase my knowledge in the two sectors I am more interested in: political science and economics, to improve my english and to meet new persons from different part of the world.

Above all, EPS allowed me to undertake an incredible experience: the double degree program in Louvain-la-Neuve. I spent 1 year in that city, I got 2 degrees, I learned another language (french) and, specially, I grew up as a student and as a person. After two years I have to say thank you to my supervisor, you were right."


Alberto Fragapane
Graduating student

5 stars

"The exchange program at PHBS is a unique opportunity of academic and pesonal growth. The international enviroment of Shenzhen gave me the chance to learn from experts of business and challenge myself to understand China social and economic progress.

Given the rising importance of China and PKU university at global level, a study semester there is an investment for the future and will be an outstanding mark for the academic carreer."


Angelica Muraro
Graduating student

5 stars

"It is an undeniable truth that tomorrow’s economic scenario will depend greatly on the policies and the performance of the Middle Kingdom. Peking’s University HSBC Business school is the top choice for any student wishing to have a competitive advantage over his peers.

Not only it provides high quality education, but it also exposes students to the realities of economics, business and entrepreneurship in China. Whether your aim is to become a top-notch econometrician; to learn Mandarin; to fine-tune your up-coming start up or to learn how to achieve high profits through a succesful tax strategy, EPS’ partnership with PHBS is your best call!"



Alan Alberto Rojas Pagani
Graduating student

5 stars

"Having to decide between different master degrees in Europe I would strongly recommend EPS: this because it gives everyone the possibility to be part of the field of economics and political science even if you come from a different background.

In the last two years I have been broadening a lot my knowledge and this thanks to this master program. Of course that it has a lot to do with theory but this is what you have to do before you fall in the tough job market! In EPS you study, learn, work and get to know people from different cultures!

Thanks to EPS I had the possibility to be part of the Erasmus program which is an experience that people should have once in a lifetime! So many opportunities offered in only one master degree: EPS!"



Alba Balla
Graduating student

5 stars

"I was happy to discover such a programme as EPS which allows students like me, with non-economic background, to expand and broaden their knowledge, expertise and realization opportunities.

I have learnt a lot during the last two years, and I have studied with some very smart, ambitious and self-driven future professionals. EPS gave me both the base theory and the analytical mindset required in any work environment.

Thanks to EPS, currently I am in Unicredit Bank, Serbia as one of the 22 winners of the UniCredit Stage-Abroad Exchange Programme 1st edition."



Margarita Lakova
Graduating student

5 stars

"I found EPS while going through hundreds of university pages in search of a perfect master degree. It caught my attention at once because it was interdisciplinary, taught entirely in English and, most importantly, it didn’t exclude me as a potential candidate even if before I had almost nothing to do with economics. After two years, I think it was the right choice.

Thanks to EPS, I was able to get to know people from over the world, broaden my knowledge in the fields of economics and political science, learn plenty of new things and develop capabilities that, I am sure, will be appreciated in any working environment.

What is more, education and skills gained from EPS helped me to be noticed in the selection process for the UniCredit Stage-Abroad Programme and, finally, to be chosen as one of the 22 winners."



Anna Zaremba
Graduating student

5 stars

"Enrolling in the master course EPS has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I would recommend it not only because it is valid and well managed, but mainly because it is unique: a master course entirely taught in English (that in Italy is quite rare), with an interesting mix of courses that spaces between fields of economics and political science.

If you are looking for something that will strongly improve your knowledge and your skills, for something that will allow you to meet people from all over the world and that will give you the opportunity to travel while studying…well this is the course you have to choose."



Valeria Piantoni
Graduating student

5 stars