The final exam

The master’s dissertation is an original piece of work, written by the candidate under the guidance of a supervisor, in accordance with the rules specified in the “Regolamento didattico di Ateneo” (University teaching regulations) and the “Regolamento di Facoltà” (Faculty regulations). The topic of the thesis is chosen among the EPS courses, and the dissertation is typically supervised by Professors or Researchers teaching in EPS. However, students can be authorized to write a Dissertation in a relevant topic under the supervision of other Professors or Researchers, e.g., those of the elective activities. In the latter case, students must write and obtain an authorization from the EPS director.

Each student has a dissertation’s supervisor (“relatore”) and a co-supervisor (“correlatore”). It is under each student’s personal responsibility to keep the co-supervisor updated about his/her progress with the dissertation.

Having earned at least 99 credits for the learning activities contemplated by his/her study plan, a student may be admitted to undertake the final exam leading to the award of the master’s degree.
A total of 21 credits are reserved to the design, preparation, writing up and discussion of the master’s dissertation.

The formal assignment of these credits can only take place at the moment when the dissertation is completed and discussed and the final exam is passed.

Online graduation sessions

Final exams are taking place remotely through the Microsoft Teams platform, in line with the Commission set-up procedures defined by each study programme.

All candidates will receive details via University email Please check the information available on your programme website and on the University portal.

General information