Students must attend and participate in qualified seminars or series of seminars devoted to topics that are related to EPS courses and learning activities. The seminars may be organized by the two major departments involved in the master’s program (the Department of Economics, Management and Quantitative Methods and the Department of Social and Political Sciences), by the other Departments involved in the EPS program, by the Graduate School in Social, Economic and Political Sciences, by the Faculty of Political Science, by individual members of the EPS faculty, or by other prominent research or academic institutions (e.g., Aseri in the field of International Relations, the Centro Studi D’Agliano for economics, etc.).

In order to obtain the credits, students are expected to attend about 6 seminars (approximately 2 hours each). Students should request a certificate of participation/attendance.

At the end of this activity, students are required to write a 3,000-word paper (plus references).
The paper must address a topic discussed in the seminars and it is meant to elaborate with reference to relevant literature.


The seminars must be communicated and agreed upon before they take place: please contact